How Local Charities Can Benefit from United Way

United Way has several pools of funding which 501c3 tax exempt organizations can qualify for.

Many community organizations receive funding

from more than one United Way funding process. 

United Way raises funds throughout San Joaquin County

  • through campaigns at workplaces
  • through contacts with corporations
  • from individual donors
  • and through community events.

United Way provides funding to qualified community organizations which provide the direct services to people in need of those services.

United Way does not provide funds to individuals.


Over the years United Way has established convenient payroll giving plans in many workplaces throughout the county.

1.  United Way Donor Designated Contributions 

Donors may select any 501c3 organization or Church to receive a    portion of their contributions.

Organizations can increase their visibility in the United Way campaign by helping generate increased funding.

They can do this by encouraging participation in the United Way campaign by their Board of Directors, employees and constituents,

promoting United Way in their newsletters, and at community events.

Payroll Deduction Donor Designations are paid to agencies in January and July. Church Designations are paid quarterly. 

2.  United Way Contributions to the Community Impact fund 

The Community Impact Fund is made up of any unrestricted funds after operating and restricted funds, as established by United Way’s Finance Committee and Board of Directors, have been set aside.

Donors may select to contribute, all or part of their contribution, to the Community Fund. Services are for specific programs, and must take place in San Joaquin County.

Contributions to the Community Impact fund support a comprehensive package of essential services, which make our community a better place for our children, our elderly, and those in need of crisis services.

The Community Impact fund is distributed on a competitive application basis. This is a competitive process among the best of the best agencies.

These grants are for agencies from throughout San Joaquin County providing Program Services in one of the following 3 areas:

EDUCATION – Helping Children & Youth Achieve Their Potential

INCOME – Promoting Financial Stability and Independence

HEALTH – Improving People’s Health

These grants are for $5,000 or $10,000

Qualifying organizations

  • Complete a program and financial application
  • Provide reports to the Community Impact Committee documenting results achieved.
  • Participate in a site visit by United Way Board and Community Impact volunteers.

3. United Way Community Council Grants 

Mini-grants for local programs/projects through United Ways’ Community Councils. 

Agencies may receive anywhere from 0- $2,500.

The funds can be used for programs/projects/equipment, which will benefit organizations helping local people in their local community.

Grants for local programs/projects are made available to local organizations through United Ways Local Community Councils throughout San Joaquin County.

Currently United Way has Four Community Councils:

Stockton, Lodi Area, Manteca-Lathrop- Escalon-Ripon, and Tracy

The Community Councils are made up of local volunteers in each community who meet monthly in their local community.

  • They help raise campaign funds
  • Review local applications for United Way Council Grants.
  • Report to the United Way Board of Directors
  • Hold special local events
  • Promote United Way in their Community 

Time Schedule – How To Apply For Funding 

Contact United Way to express your interest in being advised of funding opportunities. Must have a 501c3 tax exempt status or come under an organization which has a 501c3.

Contact Donna Ng, Director of Operations 320-6206 or Angie McKinney, Community Impact Consultant at 320-6208.

Community Impact Grant Funding:

Announced in April. 

Applicant Orientation  held in May.

Completed Applications from organizations  due in June.

Monthly funding begins in September for Fiscal year (July 2014 through June 2015).

Applicants can apply for $5,000 or $10,000.

Mid-year Reports due in March

Site Visits at Funded Agencies in April

Community Council Grants:

Applications are available in mid –February.

Applicants can apply for $500, $501-$1500, or $1501-$2,500.

The applicants’ program must provide services which are unique and exclusive to the local area.

Completed applications are due March 24th, 2016.

The Community Councils review the applications and forward their recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors.

Checks are issued in May.

Final reports are due February 18th.

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