Remembering Our 90 Year History While Reshaping Our Future

As we are proud to reflect on the United Way of San Joaquin County having over 90 years of successfully raising additional funds and awareness for our local nonprofits in San Joaquin County, today we are announcing a change in our Community Impact Grant process; specifically, the timeline of the Community Impact Grant funding.

The Board of Directors, along with our President/CEO, Andy Prokop, has evaluated our current system and, being conscious of today’s challenging business and economic climate, will be initiating an every-other-year Community Impact Grant funding cycle, while exploring other options, like multi-year and initiative funding, to be better prepared to fund the grants, as well as spread the staff and volunteer commitment over a two year rotation.

Our United Way of San Joaquin County is one of many in the United Way Worldwide system that is making similar changes. It is our intention to continue the Community Impact Grant funding program, but it is critical to our Strategic Plan to begin reshaping our business model and daily operating procedures to be relevant in our community and better prepared to meet the needs of today’s donor-directed funding.

We appreciate your understanding and support of our need to adapt to today’s business climate and invite you contact Andy Prokop, at United Way of San Joaquin County, should you have any further questions about this decision by our Board of Directors.

God Bless,

Andy Prokop, “A.P.”

Giving makes the heart feel great

Eight weeks ago, I underwent a very successful open heart surgery to provide me a triple bypass.

God is great!  Modern medicine performed by today’s highly skilled doctors and their caring team of professionals gave me another chance at living a longer and even better life.

I have always been so grateful to each of you who have given from your heart to help others live better.  Today, I am even more committed to encourage everyone to make a donation to our United Way of San Joaquin County so that others might have their second chance at a better life.

We are always ready to conduct a United Way Workplace Campaign at your place of business.  Through the workplace campaign, employees will be given the opportunity to give back through payroll deduction.  Please open your doors and hearts today to help our community’s most needy.

Thank you and God Bless,

Andy Prokop, “A.P.”

Keep the Momentum Going

As we begin this New Year I feel it very important to give THANKS to the thousands of donors all over San Joaquin County who choose to make a contribution of their money and to all those who volunteer their time to help our community be an even better place to live, work, play and raise our families.

I PRAISE the hundreds of local business leaders who partnered with United Way of San Joaquin County by having an Annual Employee Giving at the Workplace Campaign. The contributions given by their employees, through payroll deduction, exceed $3 million each year. These employee donations serve as the foundation of our Annual Campaign.

The importance of the volunteer time being provided by our community leaders as they serve our community’s most needy cannot be over stated.  While I am proud to say our United Way Employee Giving at the Workplace Campaign, combined with our Alexis de Tocqueville Society and Keel Club Leadership level gifts are helping provide us a good momentum we still need to attract new donors to meet the ever growing need in our community.

Please contact me to arrange a meeting or conversation to help YOU join our efforts to improve lives right here in San Joaquin County.

Thank you and God Bless,

Andy Prokop, “A.P.”

A Fresh New Start

Our United Way of San Joaquin County is in its 90th year of service to the community.

We started our new fiscal year July 1, 2016.  This allows us a fresh opportunity to open new workplace doors and touch new hearts.

I’m asking you to consider more now than ever to have a United Way Employee Giving at the Workplace Campaign as soon as possible.

We are ready to go and we really need more employees to have the opportunity to learn how they can make a POSITIVE difference in the lives of people and pets all over San Joaquin County.

Every dollar we raise matters, as they all add up to the funds needed to improve lives.

Please call Donna Ng today at (209) 469-6980 for more information and to schedule your workplace campaign.

God bless,

Andy Prokop, “A.P.”