Giving makes the heart feel great

Eight weeks ago, I underwent a very successful open heart surgery to provide me a triple bypass.

God is great!  Modern medicine performed by today’s highly skilled doctors and their caring team of professionals gave me another chance at living a longer and even better life.

I have always been so grateful to each of you who have given from your heart to help others live better.  Today, I am even more committed to encourage everyone to make a donation to our United Way of San Joaquin County so that others might have their second chance at a better life.

We are always ready to conduct a United Way Workplace Campaign at your place of business.  Through the workplace campaign, employees will be given the opportunity to give back through payroll deduction.  Please open your doors and hearts today to help our community’s most needy.

Thank you and God Bless,

Andy Prokop, “A.P.”

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