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Child Abuse Prevention Council

Each week, we will be featuring an organization that provides invaluable programs and services for the San Joaquin community that uplift and strengthen those who may be struggling or in need of assistance. Many of these organizations are not too widely known, so our goal is to share their commitments and contributions to the San Joaquin County community.

The Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) of San Joaquin is an organization that focuses on providing the necessary tools for children and families in the community to combat verbal, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. CAPC’s mission is to “eliminate child abuse and neglect throughout San Joaquin County through prevention, intervention and education.” They work to protect children by spreading awareness in the community along with providing access to various services. The CAPC offers childcare and school resources, family strengthening services, and clinical services that are backed by their compassionate staff and community partners.

CAPC’s family strengthening services aim to work alongside families with members who are at risk of abuse and domestic violence. CAPC provides coaching for parents who have children with challenging behaviors, family case management, and referrals to additional resources. CAPC also provides Crisis/Respite Childcare, which is short term childcare for families who are at risk of child abuse or neglect. In addition, there is CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates for San Joaquin County. With the support of trained volunteers, this program advocates for foster children, ensuring they can be given opportunities to live healthy lives, regardless of the obstacles they may face.

No matter the program or service, the Child Abuse Prevention Council of San Joaquin is dedicated to serving the community and helping families improve their quality of life.

To learn more about CAPC, visit their website here: Child Abuse Prevention Council