Remembering Our 90 Year History While Reshaping Our Future

As we are proud to reflect on the United Way of San Joaquin County having over 90 years of successfully raising additional funds and awareness for our local nonprofits in San Joaquin County, today we are announcing a change in our Community Impact Grant process; specifically, the timeline of the Community Impact Grant funding.

The Board of Directors, along with our President/CEO, Andy Prokop, has evaluated our current system and, being conscious of today’s challenging business and economic climate, will be initiating an every-other-year Community Impact Grant funding cycle, while exploring other options, like multi-year and initiative funding, to be better prepared to fund the grants, as well as spread the staff and volunteer commitment over a two year rotation.

Our United Way of San Joaquin County is one of many in the United Way Worldwide system that is making similar changes. It is our intention to continue the Community Impact Grant funding program, but it is critical to our Strategic Plan to begin reshaping our business model and daily operating procedures to be relevant in our community and better prepared to meet the needs of today’s donor-directed funding.

We appreciate your understanding and support of our need to adapt to today’s business climate and invite you contact Andy Prokop, at United Way of San Joaquin County, should you have any further questions about this decision by our Board of Directors.

God Bless,

Andy Prokop, “A.P.”

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