Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an easy and effective way to help employees make a difference and show them that their workplace is actively supporting our local community’s most important issues. Employees of a company are given an opportunity to support United Way of San Joaquin County by donating a portion of their paycheck. In many cases, the donations from employees are pre-tax which helps keep the paycheck close to their regular take home amount. Many companies match their employees’ donations, which makes their charitable contributions go even further. Whether you’re a small business, major corporation, or even a nonprofit, you can join the thousands of local businesses and organizations that run workplace giving campaigns each year.


Benefits of a Workplace Giving Campaign?

Workplace Employee Campaigns are a great opportunity to engage employees, build a spirit of teamwork, and increase morale all while making an impact on the community.

  • Education
    • Campaign information about charitable organizations expands employees’ knowledge about their community.  
  • Enhanced Employee Relations
    • Running a campaign provides a way for employees to improve their community. Also, participation in a campaign committee or events can help develop teambuilding skills and boost morale as employees learn to set goals, work together, and achieve positive results.
  • Investment
    • Companies and their employees may be able to receive tax deductions and/or credits from charitable giving as well as enjoy the ease and convenience of payroll deduction.
  • Community Leadership
    • Creates a bond of philanthropic interest between employer and employee; each knowing the other is working for the community’s best interest. Companies prosper in healthy communities and tend to stay and increase their employee base. Companies outside the area are more likely to invest in communities with a well-educated workforce, attractive and safe neighborhoods, a strong educational system, and social services that address and reduce health and human service needs.  
  • Corporate Recognition
    • Campaigns demonstrate to employees, customers, and the public at large that community service, impact, and leadership are a company priority. Companies that participate in campaigns are often recognized in events, media, marketing materials, and other platforms. Companies receive third-party recognition from United Way, other nonprofits and can also use campaign participation results in their own internal and external communications such as websites, press releases, and annual reports.  
  • Improved Customer Relations and Loyalty
    • Market research shows that customers are more likely to purchase goods and services from companies that support their local community.

How do I start a Workplace Giving Campaign? 

United Way of San Joaquin County will partner with you to develop a customized workplace giving campaign that aligns with your workplace values, as well as the interests of your employees. We will provide guidance and support to assist you in building your fundraising team and running an effective campaign.

If you're interested in starting a workplace campaign today, please email United Way,

In this section, you can download any forms you might need to help with your United Way campaign.